Emotion Code: 

         Heart Wall Only (Package of 4 sessions) - $260



        Emotion Code, including the heart wall checking and clearing of it,            if necessary ( Package of 12 sessions) - $780 ( $100 OFF = $680)



       CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Life Coaching:


       4 Months - $3, 250



       8 Months - $6, 435 ($220 OFF = 6, 215)



      * Contact me for personalized packages over email

      Reiki Healing:

      5 Session Package - $725 ($45 OFF = $680)



     9 Session Package - $1, 305 ($90 OFF = $1, 215)



     15 Session Package - $2, 175 ($180 OFF = $1, 995) 


     *Contact me for more information

      Reiki Animal Healing:

      Calmness and Relaxation Package

      A1R Package ( Up to 3 months)

      A2R Package ( Up to 13 months)

     For prices ask directly or email.



     Nutrition Coach:

    3 Months Package

    6 Months Package

    12 Months Package

    18 Months Package

     Email for prices.

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