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I always look into other people's stories with excitement. "Wow what a story!" while never thinking that I have my story to tell or even that my story can help somebody. One day I was talking with my mentor (yes, I have one too, and I need them just as you need yours). And while telling my story she asked me "How many people know your story?" I replied that not many did, and realized that it might be time to share it with people.


I was born into a dysfunctional family. At an early age, certain stress-related conditions started to show. Not just in an early age of my life, but I was born even with a condition. It turned out it was due to the prenatal stress of my mom. I was born with Prolapse Valve mitral ( a heart defect). Later on, my nose would bleed with no apparent reason, and the only way to stop it was with medical treatment. I was around 3 at the time and this had happened 3 times at that age.

Then there were other things that need medical treatment, all related to the stress. I can talk more and more but that would be a very long story.

What is interesting is that I was always interested in natural healing, in natural foods, I liked to play a market place and I liked carrot leaves a lot. I still remember that smell from my early childhood playing with the carrot leaves.


I kept my condition in "control". I tied and did many things to keep it that way.

When I met my now-husband, I learn some things like meditation, transcendental meditation, I heard of Astral projection, and so on. But I was afraid to try some of them. I stuck with the meditation and discovered a different approach. I started practicing positive thinking reading the books of Josef Murphy, Dale Carnegie, and so on. I was successful, getting positive results, which made me change for the better and my condition improved.

But life continued to challenge me, and one day I just felt sick, and long story short, I discovered I had hemolytic anemia, which is a type of Autoimmune disease. It was scary and hard, but I decided to win. I was very afraid at that time, and this was one of the conditions that are quite scary and could be very dangerous. 


Then after my recovery, I gained a little bit of extra weight, but this didn't bother me a lot, because I believed at that time that this will keep me healthy. I was wrong, but I didn't know that at that time.

Somehow, I came in contact with a person that introduced me to a macrobiotic way of eating and living, and I fell in love with this approach.

After one dinner invitation and a delicious macrobiotic meal, I become a vegetarian and started learning and practicing macrobiotic cooking, while studying and learning the philosophy of yin and yang and with the help of these things, I became macrobiotic. 


That was about 15 years ago and even then, not many people were familiar with it. Some people laughed at me, some people tried bullying me, but there were and still are people that support me greatly in every way, my family,  my husband, and my daughter. They know everything I went through and want me to be healthy and happy.


But this is not the end of my story.


Even though I maintained a good relationship with food and my way of living, life threw another curve and I wasn't able to follow the diet but was in a way, forced to eat and cook different kinds of food (such as meat and eggs, and so on).

And then another huge stress happened at the same time, that was more intense and prolonged, affected my health yet again and triggered my autoimmune system to act up again, I finished in the hospital and doctors didn't believe I would survive. I wasn't so sure either.

But my uncertainty ended, I got medical treatment, and what I remember and I would never forget is the moment when God sent his Energy and life through the hands of my Daughter and my Husband. They both held my hands; my daughter held my left and my husband my right hand. I felt energy circulating through my body and life returned my body again. At that moment I knew everything will be ok.

I couldn't wait to get out of the hospital and start my food practice again. From then on, I never stopped with my way of eating and I will never stop with it. 
My only medicine is food, no other medication is flowing through my body. That experience was my big warning sight to STOP something that did my body and soul more harm than good. 


I am here to help you on your recovery journey!

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”  - Hippocrates 


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