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Welcome to PENS (Personal, Emotional, and Nutritional Support)

Holistic Coaching Center

If you ask me what changed in my life after I discovered Energy Healing I can say many things are different now. First, I am a proud member of the huge unstoppable High Energy Psychology movement on Earth and an amazing group of energy healers are now my friends, which I can proudly say. 

I was a smoker for 38 years. I quit the bad habit a year ago now, thanks to Energy Healing

I gained more confidence, released a huge amount of shame. I love myself and am happy that I am me. I laugh more often and can actually feel the sensation.


I feel love now with my entire heart and not just with my brain, that common sense telling me I have it, or I need to feel it toward someone. I truly feel it now.


I am more relaxed, less worried even when my wallet is empty.


I love people more than I used to and I am able to understand them better and faster than before. 


I forgive faster... My anger lasts less... My panic disappeared... I became a better person... 

 I discovered my love for helping people, animals, plants, and the Planet as a very young girl.
While I was working at the municipality for 12 years, I started to study people who came there. What I saw was lots of anger, distrust, disbelief, hatred and so on. More than anything else I saw people's fear. I changed my profession and began to study different modalities of Energy Healing.
During the last 20 + years I earned my degree in Ecology Engineering, Feng Shui for Modern Living practitioner, Self-hypnosis practitioner, Master Reiki Certification, Master Animal Reiki Healing, CBT, Energy Psychology, Emotion Code and I am on my way to finalizing my studies as an NLP practitioner.
I would be happy to help you in any of the areas of your life when you need or you would like to change. Relationships in general, Stressful life and childhood trauma are my specialties but I can help you with any other challenges you are going through.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”! —Audrey Hepburn

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