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What is EFT and How it Works?

These are the first couple of questions to ask when someone says EFT.

EFT or The Emotional Freedom Techniques or popular Tapping is a relatively new approach in helping to release emotional blockages, Trauma (childhood trauma, physical abuse trauma, sexual abuse trauma, emotional abuse, PTSD, and so on), clearing underlying body/mind issues, reduce physical pain and help gain self-confidence, better performances in the study, work, relationships. The first time EFT shows up is in 1990 when Gary Craig published information about the therapy on his website.

EFT or tapping helps us to keep our focus on whatever we doing at that moment, helps to be more present and grounded, as well as helping better physical and emotional manifestations that affect all functions of the body.

Effective and yet gentle, EFT techniques work where "nothing else helps". It can be used as an individual method in Alternative Healing, Clinical treatments of PTSD and another mental or psychological issue, in a Coaching program, or can be combined with any other Energy Healing in Alternative Medicine.

The best way to learn about all benefits and healing effects of EFT or popularly knowns as Tapping is to experience it for yourself. Even though it is easy to learn, my advice is to always have your first tapping experience in EFT with an experienced EFT practitioner. 

EFT is easy to learn, can be performed at any time, at any place, and in any situation.
Fun and stable, is very good for kids, helping them to grow into confident strong people with high self-esteem, who love and respect others and are free to receive love, respect, and all good benefits in life.

There has been a lot of research done and there are many scientific explanations, so many clinical trials on this subject. If you want to learn more, you can find links below that can help you discover the science behind tapping, read scientific works, and proofs, as well as what effects are expected on the body-mind system.


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