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Like humans, animals can also experience deep state of relaxation during and after Reiki Session. They might also feel sleepy or refreshed. Reiki appears to be generally safe, and no serious side effects have been reported.


I understand that all animals have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

All sessions are individually designed to reflect health needs, intentions and acceptances.

I continually educate myself to maintain my professional skills, so that I can give more to animals in need.

I honor other disciplines and their practitioners.



I use my educated skills, my practical skills and my unconditional love to help animals in their needs.


I honor all animals as my clients and my teachers on this journey.

I always ask permission of the animal before beginning the treatment, and respect his or her decision to accept or refuse any treatment. I listen intuitively and observe the animal's body language in determining the response.

I follow and incorporate 5 Reiki Principles in my everyday life:

Just for today, Don't be angry.

Just for today, Do not worry.

Just for today, Be filled with gratitude.

Just for today, Work hard.

Just for today, Be kind to people.

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