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As a very little girl, Tanja has been through a lot of bullying and most of that came from the closest surroundings, her family. For some, to her unknown reason, she was always a subject of ridicule to them. For that reason, she started building a self-motivational system. By going through difficult moments and loneliness at her very young age she gained experience and without even knowing, she built a motivational system which, in her adulthood would come to serve and help not only herself but anyone who needs motivation and self-motivation.


Not even thinking of it being her future career, Tanja helped her many friends with her motivation and pushed them toward better education and better human relationship including those with their partners. Many of whom are now happily married and highly educated people. 


Tanja met and still meets, with many difficulties, uncomfortable people, and situations throughout her life but she always finds a way to self-motivate and gets out of that particular situation.


That gave her experience and motivation as well as self-motivation, and at the same time, which made it easier to help others and herself.


The biggest moment in Tanja's self-motivation was the time when she was pregnant and the birth of one wonderful human being.


Tanja always heard the one-sentence "The bigger the challenge that we face or the one that comes from a very close person in our lives, the more we can successfully and quickly resolve it."

In the beginning, Tanja couldn't understand the sentence nor was she really thinking about it deeply until one moment when she became aware of the fact.


On her path to find the best technique for motivation and self-motivation as well as building personal qualities, Tanja found many methods which she more or less accepted and used in her daily life.


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